When you think of Boise, you likely conjure images of farmland, fields of potatoes, and a lone maverick whose dearest desire is to secede from the Union and start his own currency. While there is some truth to this…This is also TRUE!

Boise recently nabbed the top spot on Time Magazine’s cities that “get it right” in the 2014 “Solutions for America” article.  Every year, Boise ranks on a slew of top 10 lists.  The city has been placed among the best US downtown areas, the best cities to raise a family, best places to retire, great spots for yogis, craft beer kings, plus music and outdoor activities.  Simply browse the magazine racks at the local market or surf the net.  You’re sure to stumble upon articles that praise the city and her friendly residents.  Boise is truly a “Treasure” in the Gem State.

Below are a baker’s dozen reasons why Boise is BEST.

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