I couldn’t have done it without her!

I first decided to buy a house in April.  After looking on some realty apps and requesting information on houses I was bombarded with calls from realtors the entire next day (lesson learned).  While many realty offices called relentlessly for a few days, Jackie’s office was much more considerate of my time, and I chose to work with her.

Jackie was very knowledgeable about each house we had planned on seeing.  When we met, we would frequently come across other houses of interest for which we did not have appointments, however Jackie would be able get us in to see them on the same day.  And she wasn’t afraid to cross rickity bridges over creeks to look at surrounding houses I would spot while we were out.

As picky of a person I can be, Jackie showed a lot of patience, and never made me feel rushed.  It was important to her that I found the right house.  And even when I got excited about some of the more shanty houses, she was there to be a voice of reason and make sure I didn’t buy a home which would have become a real money pit.

After we had found a house I loved, and made an offer that was accepted, Jackie continued to be a huge asset when getting the house inspection, appraisal, and everything else that lead up to closing.

I couldn’t have done it without her!

Thanks Jackie,